Holiday Gift Guide from the Arms Control Association

Want help with your last minute holiday shopping for that arms control enthusiast in your office or family? Here are some ideas…

A Gift to Arms Control Today!

ACA Media Advisory BannerFirst and foremost, give a gift subscription to Arms Control Today, the journal of the Arms Control Association read by hundreds of policy makers, educators, and students. Subscriptions start at $65 per year and includes both print and digital access. Student rates are $35 per year. Digital subscriptions are only $25.

For the Mobile Arms Control Enthusiast

ACA Media Advisory Banner Just Released! Arms Treaties app for Apple iPad is the must-have app for researchers, students, practitioners, and anyone interested in understanding global affairs. This app takes full advantage of the Arms Control Association’s fact sheets to provide users with an indispensible quick reference guide on the nuclear weapons and missile arsenals and the treaties and agreements to control them.

ACA Media Advisory Banner

CTBTO Spectrum app for the Apple iPad was created by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization and is another must-read publication in the field of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. It profiles the entire spectrum of issues related to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT): from policy issues, verification, the science and people behind it, to the CTBTO’s role in disaster mitigation.

ACA Media Advisory Banner Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty app for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch was one of the first arms control related apps released for mobile devices. It provides the entire text in an easy to navigate format. This is perfect for someone who just needs a quick reference to the cornerstone of the non-proliferation system.

For the Arms Control Book Worm
Arms Control Today provides reviews of the most important and original books relating to the field of international arms control and nonproliferation. Below are a few of the books that made the cut in 2012. Visit our webpage for a full list of books reviewed by Arms Control Today.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these titles, or other, please consider using one of our online partners, who will share a portion of sales revenue with the Arms Control Association.

P.S. Contributions of $65 or more in a year gives you access to an individual print and digital subscription to Arms Control Today. Digital access is only  $25 per year!

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