Week Ahead Oct. 28-Nov. 2: Iran’s nuclear program, the B61 bomb, Gottemoeller nomination

WeekAheadSOLOThis bulletin highlights significant events in the world of arms control in the coming week, as compiled by staff and friends of the Arms Control Association. (Send your suggestions for events to be covered here.)

– the Editors at Arms Control Today

Iran Resumes IAEA Talks on Oct. 28

As Iran negotiates with six global powers over the future of its nuclear program, officials from the Islamic Republic meet with the International Atomic Energy Agency to discuss Iran’s nuclear activities that might have a military purpose.

For an in-depth analysis, see:  “It’s Time for Iran to Cooperate with the IAEA to Resolve Concerns About Its Nuclear Activities” (Arms Control Association Issue Brief, October 14, 2013)

Technical Experts from Iran and P5+1 to Confer

On October 30-31, technical experts from Iran and the P5+1 states (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany) are to convene in Vienna to prepare for the next round of high-level talks about Iran’s controversial nuclear program, which are scheduled for Nov. 7-8. See Reuters’ October 25 report “Iran, powers to have expert-level nuclear talks in Vienna.”

House Panel to Hold Hearing on B-61 Nuclear Bomb Plans

On October 29, the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, will hold a hearing  on the military, technical, and political requirements for the modernization of the B-61 bomb, one of the primary nuclear weapons deployed by United States.  Three Pentagon officials and the director of the Sandia National Laboratories are scheduled to speak at the 3:30 pm hearing in the Rayburn House Office Building. The rising costs of the program have led some key appropriators to push for alternative technical approaches. See:

Senate Committee To Consider Gottemoeller Nomination Oct. 31

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is scheduled to hold a business meeting on the nomination of Rose Gottemoeller to be Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security on October 31. Twenty five other State Department nominations will be considered as well.

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