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John McCain: U.S. Should “Facilitate” Indian Missile Defense, Nuclear Subs

By Eric Auner About two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see John McCain speak about the future of U.S.-India relations.  Most of it was boilerplate material about oldest democracy/largest democracy and the need for stability in Asia.  All … Continue reading

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Schwarzenegger: Ratify New START

By Eric Auner As if the support from national security officials, former nuclear commanders, and numerous editorial boards wasn’t enough, Arnold Schwarzenegger has now joined the ranks of New START supporters. He recently told a meeting of the U.S.-Russia Business … Continue reading

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Perkovich: Movement on Indian Nuclear Liability Issue Likely

By Eric Auner There is continuing uncertainty surrounding India’s nuclear liability bill, and the extent to which it will discourage foreign, privately-owned suppliers from participating in the country’s civil nuclear sector. As the bill is currently written, nuclear suppliers (in … Continue reading

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Air Force Magazine Editor: Ratify New START

By Eric Auner In an excellent editorial in the October issue of Air Force Magazine, chief editor Adam J. Hebert effectively addresses many of the misguided criticisms of New START and calls for prompt Senate approval of the treaty.  It’s … Continue reading

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Will No-Test Condition Sink India-Japan Nuclear Deal?

By Eric Auner As I reported in September, India and Japan have been discussing a potential civil nuclear deal.  As a major supporter of the nonproliferation regime, Japan has suggested that it will attach a condition whereby cooperation would cease … Continue reading

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The Economist on New START

By Eric Auner The Economist has written a compelling new editorial on the necessity of New START ratification. It is a sensible, incremental treaty that will cut America’s and Russia’s deployed strategic nuclear warheads by about a third, from the … Continue reading

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Time to Reaffirm U.S. Commitment to CTBT

By Eric Auner According to a recent Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Proliferation Analysis by Daryl Kimball, President Obama should use the International Day against Nuclear Tests to reiterate his pledge to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. American Does … Continue reading

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