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Huge Advance in Chemical Weapons Arms Control

By Greg Thielmann It was exactly one year ago that Syrian government forces unleashed poison gas attacks on an opposition-held suburb of Damascus, killing hundreds of innocent civilians. At the time, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad controlled the world’s second largest … Continue reading

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Another View from Israel on Iran’s Nuclear Program and What it Means

By Greg Thielmann  Comments by the former Director-General of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission, Brig. Gen. Uzi Eilam, made big news in Israel on May 8 because they seriously challenge key elements of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s narrative concerning the … Continue reading

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Creeping Toward the New START Limits

By Greg Thielmann The latest data on strategic weapons exchanged between Russia and the United States under terms of the 2010 New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) shows movement by both countries toward the three key limits of the … Continue reading

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Worldwide Threat and U.S. Nuclear Force Posture: What’s Wrong with this Picture?

By Greg Thielmann The intelligence community may have missed the impending collapse of Moscow’s empire in the late 1980s, but the Worldwide Threat Assessment presented to the Congress earlier this month by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper certainly reflects … Continue reading

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U.S. Intelligence Community Assesses Gain from Interim Agreement with Iran

By Greg Thielmann  On Jan. 29, The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, provided testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence implicitly contradicting the arguments of those criticizing the Joint Plan of Action now being implemented by Iran and … Continue reading

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What Kind of Glasses Do You Need to See Iranian ICBMs?

By Greg Thielmann As warnings of the Iranian ICBM threat continue to emanate from the halls of Congress and the sound bytes of strategic missile defense advocates, it is worth taking a moment to observe the yawning gap between the … Continue reading

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No Evidence of INF Treaty Violation in 2013 Compliance Report

By Greg Thielmann The 2013 Arms Control Compliance Report issued by the State Department on July 12 showed little change in the assessments of U.S.-Russian arms control treaty compliance provided by last year’s report. Covering the period ending on December … Continue reading

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