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Deputy Director, Arms Control Association

4.5 Days Per Jet Fighter: The Right Formula for Middle East Peace?

By Jeff Abramson It looks like the next step in Middle East peace includes an offer of 20 F-35 fighter jets if Israel will agree to a 90-day freeze on new construction activities in disputed areas. That’s one next-generation combat … Continue reading

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Bout Extradition: An Important Step, Next One is Arms Trade Treaty

It is welcome news that Viktor Bout, the so-called “Merchant of Death,” is on a U.S.-bound plane from Thailand to face criminal charges. As the world’s most high profile arms dealer, his extradition shows that it is possible for suspected … Continue reading

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Cluster Munitions Treaty Celebrates Milestone – First States-Parties Meeting

By Jeff Abramson Starting today, the country most affected by cluster munitions – Laos – will play host to the first meeting of states-parties on the Convention on Cluster Munitions. And last week, Lebanon–the country in which the use of … Continue reading

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