Current Contributors

Daryl G. Kimball is the Executive Director of the Arms Control Association (ACA) and has worked in the field of arms control for over two decades.

Tom Z. Collina is the Research Director for ACA.  He has previously held senior leadership positions at the Institute for Science and International Security, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Federation of American Scientists.

Greg Thielmann is the Senior Fellow in charge of ACA’s Realistic Threat Assessments and Responses Project. He  previously worked for the Senate Select Intelligence Committee and served for 25 years as a Foreign Service Officer.

Kelsey Davenport is the Nonproliferation Analyst for the Arms Control Association, where she focuses primarily on developments related to the nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea and nuclear security issues. Kelsey joined the Arms Control Association in August 2011 as the Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow.

Daniel Horner is the Editor for ACA’s monthly publication Arms Control Today. He previously served as senior editor for Platts Nuclear Group where he received an award for Editorial Excellence.

Tim Farnsworth is the editor and a contributor for Arms Control Now. Tim joined the Arms Control Association in January 2011 where he specializes in cybersecurity and space policy and contributes regularly to Arms Control Today, ACA’s monthly publication.

Interns are involved with all aspects of the ongoing research and publication work at ACA.

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