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The Right Stuff

By Greg Thielmann Senator Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) proposed a plan this week for reducing the deficit that includes $79 billion in cuts from the U.S. nuclear weapons budget over the next ten years. In specifying the individual components of a … Continue reading

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Sen. Kyl Laments Russian “Unilateral” Reductions?

By Tom Collina As ACA reported in a recent blog post, the State Department announced June 1 that Russia’s nuclear arsenal is already below the limits set by the New START treaty. Most people would say it’s a good thing … Continue reading

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Why Sarah Palin Is Wrong About Missile Defense Cooperation with Russia

by Daryl G. Kimball This week former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin parroted the misinformed critiques by Republican members of Congress and former CIA director James Woolsey about sharing missile launch data with Russia. In an entry on her Facebook page, … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Russia Below New START Limits

By Tom Collina Observers of last year’s Senate debate on the New START treaty may be surprised to learn that Russia has already met most of its arsenal reduction obligations under the treaty. According to a State Department fact sheet … Continue reading

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Getting a Faster New START

By Greg Thielmann When traveling the interstate on a long car trip, it’s usually better to get up to maximum safe speed rather than creeping along at the legal minimum. Likewise, in order to achieve the full benefits of the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Prague Agenda Two Years On

By Daryl G. Kimball In a stirring speech delivered two years ago in Prague’s Hradčany Square, President Barack Obama outlined his vision for strengthening the global effort to curb the spread of nuclear weapons, moving forward on long-overdue disarmament measures, … Continue reading

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Whither Strategic Arms Control: Clues from Carnegie

By Greg Thielmann Last week’s 2011 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. provided some revealing perspectives on the challenges and opportunities ahead for future strategic arms control agreements between the United States and Russia. The dynamics of strategic … Continue reading

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