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It’s Official: Russia Below New START Limits

By Tom Collina Observers of last year’s Senate debate on the New START treaty may be surprised to learn that Russia has already met most of its arsenal reduction obligations under the treaty. According to a State Department fact sheet … Continue reading

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Bad Betting Advice on Iran from The Washington Post

The Washington Post’s editors are reinforcing the Iranian government’s narrative with respect to Tehran’s nuclear program. Last November, the editors criticized Defense Secretary Gates for “talking down military action [against Iran].” This week, they assert that a “better course [than … Continue reading

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Obama’s Prague Agenda Two Years On

By Daryl G. Kimball In a stirring speech delivered two years ago in Prague’s Hradčany Square, President Barack Obama outlined his vision for strengthening the global effort to curb the spread of nuclear weapons, moving forward on long-overdue disarmament measures, … Continue reading

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Arab Spring: A Wake Up Call on U.S. Arms Policy

By Jeff Abramson As President Obama openly ponders whether to arm rebels in Libya and the media is reporting that the CIA is already on the ground to potentially support that cause, attention is now focused on Libya. But one … Continue reading

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Update: Cluster Munitions, Obama Administration, Global Activities

By Jeff Abramson As the year progresses, we’ll revisit the mid-term grades given the Obama administration on their conventional weapons policies. For the moment, the D grade on cluster munitions remains unchanged because U.S. policy is unchanged, but there is … Continue reading

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Indiscriminate Weapons, Especially Cluster Munitions: Grading the Obama Administration’s Conventional Arms Control Record

By Jeff Abramson The Obama administration started off well when on Jan. 21, 2009 it deposited ratifications to three protocols and an amendment to the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW), a meaningful accord that seeks to regulate the use … Continue reading

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Landmines: Grading the Obama Administration’s Conventional Arms Control Record

By Jeff Abramson Earlier this week, the public engagement staff at the State Department’s Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement sent out an email highlighting U.S.-supported efforts to clear landmines in Croatia, Sudan and Central America. There is no question … Continue reading

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